• The Transfer station will be closed
    In the celebration of Christmas and the New Year
    Closure Date/Times: Dec 24th 12PM, Dec 25th all day
    Closure Date/Times: Dec 31 12PM, Jan 1st all day
    Garbage NEEDS to be out at 7am on Dec 24th and 31st
  • Hours:
    Monday - Saturday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Closed on legal holidays

    1891 West 3000 South
    Heber City, Utah 84032

    435-654-1661, press option 1

    Solid Waste
    Transfer Station
  • Solid Waste
    Transfer Station

    Monday - Saturday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Closed on legal holidays

    1891 West 3000 South
    Heber City, Utah 84032

    435-654-1661, press option 1

Please do not put fireworks or flammable material in garbage containers.

Important Reminder:
Refuse containers must be free of snow and debris and accessible by collection vehicles.  Inaccessible containers cannot be collected.

Important Reminder:

We only pickup WCSSD trash cans. We will not pickup any other cans, including personal cans and recyling cans.


June is Clean-Up Month

There are 3 Free dump passes on the Spring billing card

Watch for this notification on your bill, and present the bill with your load to get your free dump.


Present With Pick Up Size Load

X       X       X     Residential Only

No Trailers! No Dump Truck!
No Exceptions

DO place these items in your automated refuse collection container.

  • Normal household refuse
  • Grass, leaves, ETC. (please put in bags tied shut)
  • Cardboard boxes (only if cut up)

FYI, Any bulky items placed inside your container could jam and prevent your container from being emptied completely.

DO NOT place these items in your automated refuse collection container.

  • Hot ashes (Serious Fire Hazard)
  • Dirt, rocks, sod, concrete, asphalt, tree limbs or trunks.
  • Flammable materials such as oil, gas, or paint.
  • Large bulky items such as appliances, furniture, or metal objects. (Take these items to Transfer Station)
  • Construction, remodeling, or demolition debris.
  • DO NOT OVERFILL your container. (If garbage spills, you will have to clean it up. Tie bags shut at the top to prevent spills.)

In order to serve you better, please place your container in the proper place. The ideal location is to the left or right of your driveway at curbside or on edge of asphalt road.  Be sure the container handle faces your house and the container is placed on the street at least four feet from other automated containers and obstructions such as trees, mailboxes, parked vehicles, etc. If we are unable to empty your container due to one of the above mentioned obstructions, we will not be back in your area until next week. Your container must be placed near the gutter or within 2 feet of the black-top surface.

Garbage collection takes place Monday - Friday. The maps below identify the day of the week that an area has residential garbage service. Questions concerning commercial garbage service and schedules should be directed the Wasatch County Solid Waste SSD at 435-654-1661.

If your garbage collection day falls on the following Holidays, your collection will be the next working day

(Example: If the holiday falls on a Friday your collection will be on Monday.)

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Pioneer Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day

The following Holidays are collected as follows:

  • Thanksgiving Holiday,
    • Thanksgiving Day will be on Wednesday, the day before the holiday.
    • Friday after Thanksgiving will be collected on the Monday following the Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • Christmas Holiday,
    • Christmas Eve will be collected the day before Christmas. Unless it falls on a Friday.
    • Christmas Day be the working day following the Holiday.
    • The Solid Waste station will be closed on December 26th, 2020

Your garbage container must be placed at the roadside for collection on your collection day by 7 am.

If you have any questions regarding this schedule, please feel free to contact us at 435-654-1661.


Click on this link to pay
your bill online.

The Wasatch County Solid Waste SSD uses Express Bill Pay as our online payment provider. You can make a one-time payment or setup automatic payment schedules using this service.

Look for Wasatch County when setting up payment options.

Solid Waste Transfer Station Hours

Regular Hours

Monday - Saturday
8 am - 5 pm
(Closed all legal holidays)